2014 Home Opener

The truly awaited home opener has come, and what an opener it was!  After watching the Wild tie up the series playoff I made my way to the lake to meet some of my good friends.  Upon arriving at our first spot of the night we began catching instantaneously!  I did not keep score but it the fishermen were definitely the victors.  I look forward to cold springs as it seems they provide the most consistent walleye fishing by pushing the spawn closer to the opener leaving many of the male walleyes in the system vulnerable.  It is not uncommon to catch males up to 25 inches!  Another new thing I witnessed was as many as two other walleyes following the one in that I was reeling in just like smallmouth seem to do.  I felt it was hardly possible to top last years opener but it definitely happened.  Another GREAT opener in the books!

Fish Fry Time!!!

Good Luck on the water everyone!!


Healthy walter

Healthy walter





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