Crappies and Turkeys???

Tonight I had the pleasure of fishing with my good buddy Chris Dolans on Lake Minnetonka.  We found a nice little school of around 50 crappies in shallow water that continued to do laps past us and keep picking a few off.  We kept maybe 7 total in the 10 inch range for a little snack.  The best part was while we were crappie fishing near Big Island we had turkeys gobbling within 150 yards of us.  Next thing you know there were 5 jakes and 1 big tom strutting around about 40 yards from us while we were catching crappies!!  As an added bonus we saw four deer while we were leaving our spot…they were also on the island.  Days like today really do make you appreciate the outdoors and the finer things we all have the freedom to enjoy!!  I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to experience these things with me!


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