About My Minnesota Guide Service

Hello my name is Andy Hutter and Muskie Fishing is my forte!!  Growing up in Shawano, Wisconsin I was an avid outdoors-man.  I started hunting with my father and brother at a young age and rode my bike to many different shore fishing spots I had all over the town on a daily basis.   I started muskie fishing in 2004 and caught my first muskie on the Wisconsin River and I have been hooked ever since.  I was fortunate enough to be brought into the sport by a couple guys that were excellent muskie fisherman.

Shortly after I started fishing muskies I moved to Minnesota for college.  I continued to fish pretty hardcore throughout school and toward the end of my last year I canned my little boat and bought my Ranger 618 T!  I admit I didn’t completely have plans to stay in Minnesota but I met the woman of my dreams whom I am now married to and we reside in Champlin, Minnesota.

For the last 8-9 years I have fished the metro pretty exclusively with a large emphasis on Lake Minnetonka.  I also enjoy fishing the other metro waters and have a definite love for Lake Vermilion and Lake Mille Lacs!!!  So come join me on the hunt for a monster and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Apex Predator Guide Service


4 thoughts on “About My Minnesota Guide Service

  1. Sept.esota28,2014 Take a vet fishing event on Lake Minnetonka, Minn, My Grandson Adam and I were lucky to be guided by Andy. We said we would like to fish Walleye. He took us right to a large school We boated 15 or 20 fish, kept ten for a wonderful fish dinner with Adam’s parents, wife and Uncle.

    what a wonderful day for a old guy and his Grandson. I even won the gratnd prize offered to Veterans by Linda Rice of Moosehorn Lodge, at lac Suel, Ontario. Yes, I won a trip.

    Thanks to Andy Hutter and his volunteer work with Take A Veteran Fishing I know many of those 82 vets were jealous of our success. All thanks to Andy.

    Jim Wychor, Shoreview, Minnesota


  2. My 7 year old son and I had a great afternoon fishing with Andy. We were able to land one muskie and saw a couple others. It was a beautiful day filled with great conversation. We will hopefully do it again.

    Terry Jones
    Glenwood, MN


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