Who loves a good front?

What do most guys do when they come from the land of huge whitetails to pick their daughter up from the airport?  They book a trip with Apex Predator Fishing when there is an incoming storm front.  This was some of the fastest action I have ever seen.  Fish 3 spots and catch fish on all of them.  Brent and his daughter Kaley did a phenomenal job of placing their #Apache bucktails right where they needed to be.  Did I mention that Kaley had never casted a muskie reel before so I had to teach her how while the wind was blowing 25 mph?!  After a crash course we went to our first spot where Kaley had a fish roll over a bucktail and then proceed to come eat Brent’s bucktail boatside!!!  At least we think that’s what happened.  Spot 2 we lost one coming toward the net and then Kaley crushed her first muskie ever!  With a large storm front approaching I gave them the option of making a move to a big fish spot and they accepted(without question), and Brent proceeded to bag a monster 47!  Great job out there you 2, talk about an awesome father-daughter team!  That is what it’s all about, thanks for the great day on the water.

Apex Predator Fishing

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Report 8/3/15

It has definitely been a while since I have posted.  Fishing has began to pick up a little bit and has been realy good the furhter north you are throughout the state.  I had the pleasure of guiding Yates and Joe last night and these guys put on a show for a couple guys that learned how to cast muskie reels last night!  Congratulations on a couple nice fish guys.  My daughter has even gotten in on the action .  Here are a few fish from some past outings.

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