A Small Spark of Action!

I had the pleasure of fishing with my friend Matt Carlson last night on an area metro lake.  Part of the excitement for the trip was to experience running the new Motorguide Xi5 which definitely lived up to the rumors.  The bite was slow during the daylight hours as is normal in the metro.  The last hour of light brought a few small walters on jig and minnow while we were not able to get bit by the bigger fish we were marking.  Once it got dark the wind kept blowing which told me one key thing, the fish should eat and they should do so shallow.  After picking a tried and true spot,  we hit the anchor button on the remote.  The cool thing was that we started further from the structure because with this trolling motor you have the ability to move in 5 ft increments while in anchor mode.  It didn’t take long and I got bit by a healthy 19 incher.  Soon after that Matt hooked into a nice 24 which was released.  Then as if I was muskie fishing, I pulled my bait out of the water and a fish boiled on the surface. I proceeded to make another cast and have a 24ish fish eat my bait about 4 ft from the boat the next cast which was fun.  All in all this season has been off to a fun and memorable one!

Good luck on the water everyone!!

matt24 twins