Wisconsin Muskie Opener 2014

What a great Memorial Day weekend it was!  The muskie fishing opener for Wisconsin is in the books and it was a good one.  I was fishing with good friend Seneca Buyukli and it did not take too long to figure out where the fish were…mainly because the hundreds of boats working the best areas!  We ended the weekend with this super dark 49 incher that had eggs coming out of her.  Super gorgeous fish that looked nothing like the typical GB fish.  After a short fight I got a couple quick pics and she swam away fast and healthy.  Sunday we were beat by the fish as I hooked up with a good one within 10 ft of shore on a topwater and she shook the bait within four headshakes.  Moments like that are what muskie fishing is all about!

I also had the chance to get out mushroom hunting with my bro Jason Hutter back in his woods and I think he was pleasantly surprised with what we found.  We hit a nice load finding around 40 morels around one tree!

What a great weekend!  The only thing missing was my wife, my little peanut, my parents and sister.

A GIANT thanks goes out to all of the vets out there that have put their lives on the line so that the rest of us can enjoy the freedoms we love!!

God Bless America!

green_bay2014 morel



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